Tech Start-up Monetizes The Vegas Strip with Google Partnership

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ZoomedOUT is ZoomAway’s new flagship product and is pushing the boundaries of location-driven games with simple yet addictive and proven gameplay mechanics, all while seamlessly integrating with real-world hospitality features for businesses and points of interest.

Play Continuously whenever you like, accumulating resources while you’re away. All while providing unique benefits when you’re physically located in the cities you are trying to dominate.

Complete city takeovers driven by resource management, go at it alone or join a team, and conquer real-life locations as you compete against the masses.

Our team has over 20 years in both Games and Hospitality sectors.

Building the launch city, Las Vegas. See Projections.


ZoomedOut also empowers businesses to reach out to users and showcase what hospitality offerings they have (rooms, food, activities, etc.) noninvasively within a unique section of the game. Businesses can also update how their building or point of interest is portrayed within the game by giving users a new way to explore before they go. These businesses can also “upgrade” their building to provide more attractive benefits and perks for the users that have conquered it.

ZoomedOut is looking to create the first game experience of its kind that uses proven gameplay mechanics with a subtle injection of hospitality that benefits and enhances one another in a single seamless experience. Collect resources to conquer every single building and point of interest in any given city, alone or with a team. Imagine vacationing and staying at your favorite Las Vegas casino; by being geo-located at the property, you will conquer it faster and receive additional onsite game-related goodies.

Why ZoomedOUT?

1. Explore places before going. Find activities, historical monuments, restaurants, and more.

Know before you go. Interact with your destination in a way you’ve never seen before.

2. World’s first seamlessly integrated travel, social, and gaming platform. Explore. Play. Share.

We’re blending three of the largest segments together into one app. Hospitality, Social Gaming, and Social Media come together in a most unique presentation.

3. Share & experience in the footsteps of vacations past or find and share something totally new with our unique questing system.

Through the unique Social structure of ZoomedOUT, blaze new trails or follow in the footsteps of others to learn something new while making new friends.

4. ZoomedOut’s beautifully crafted 3D versions of reality will change the way you view a place before you go.

Gamifying real-world locations with rich and engaging graphics. Immerse yourself in a fun
game world that blurs the lines between reality and the game world.

5. Powerful geospatial data and mapping toolsets through a partnership with Google.

Access to hundreds of millions of 3D buildings, roads, landmarks, cafes, and parks to build
ZoomedOut. We have access to the world mapped, so we can count on high-quality data from
New York to Tokyo, including information on over 100 million places.


ZoomedOut creates an infinite game loop of collecting, conquering new locations, and upgrading/repairing, so players never run out of things to do.



Game Influences:
Quest Based Resource Management: Clash of Clans, Vikings: War of Clans, Guns of Glory

Clicker Based Resource Management: Adventure Capitalist, Tap Titans, Brave Frontier

Location-Based Gaming: Pokemon GO, Jurassic World Alive, Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Core Gameplay:
Capture buildings by meeting specific requirements (committing resources, having a high enough global power score(rank), etc.). Once the requirements are met, the player can begin the “conquer” process through either an elapsed time quest or a clicker like a takeover meter. Both sub-games of either elapsed timed quest or clicker takeover can be interchangeable. The goal is to conquer and maintain every building or point of interest in a given city, all while collecting as many resources as possible.

Resource Management:

Capturing different types of buildings will yield various resources. For example, if a gas station was to be conquered, you will begin generating gas resources, or if a restaurant has been conquered, you will start generating food resources. The various amounts of resources can be used in any number of different ways when it comes to upgrading, repairing, conquering, etc. Different resource requirements force the players to strategically conquer buildings to expand their dominance based on the requirements to conquer those around them.

Accumulation & Idle Play:

The goal of the game is to gain as much conquer power by conquering more and more unique buildings as well as hoarding resources to use for various in-game tasks. Commonly found in other idle games, ZoomedOUT has progress that can be made while the user is away, and the application is closed. This could be in the form of collecting the resources that would have gained while you were away, or that would have elapsed during the quest. The draw of these mechanics is to maintain players’ connection, even while away, through passive gains.

Wilting Factor:
Once a building has been conquered, it can become damaged in the future. When a building has been damaged, it will remain conquered and contribute towards your overall buildings conquered count, but any resources it may generate or additional benefits it provides will be temporarily halted(or slowed) until repaired. A user can begin the repair process, which takes time, and this can be sped up by committing additional resources as well as IAP.

Location-Based Gaming:
ZoomedOUT will allow unique and exclusive benefits for players that play while being present in the cities within the game. Players can go to real-life locations for exclusive resources, perks, etc. As new businesses join the game, they can constantly change their building’s influence and benefits, creating variety and unpredictability, offering something new each time a user plays. 

Missions are weekly occurrences where players compete individually or as a team against other individuals or teams. After a mission starts, players have 24 hours to accrue the most points, whether it be to collect the most gas quest or repair the most buildings. The winning player or team will receive high-value rewards.

Players can create and join a team by finding a community of players like them to play with. While on a team, members can send resources to help each other, compete in special team vs. team missions, all while boosting their overall power based on the performance of the team members.



Find Things To Do:
The ZoomedOut utility tab provides businesses the ability to showcase their various hospitality offerings (room, food, activities, etc.). ZoomedOut can filter the city to show it in a new way as it relates to the user’s search and interests at an additional charge to the business.

As more and more businesses add their offerings within the game, users can begin generating quests. Quests are a collection of those offerings that can be easily shared with friends to complete as well, like leaving breadcrumbs of awesome stuff to do based on your experiences in the cities. These quests can be used to plan a trip before you go, or even to plan a group outing like a bachelors party. These quests can then be shared and ranked by the community so that anyone can keep up with the hottest things to do in a given city.

Unlike traditional ads that are invasive, ZoomedOut takes advantage of using the landscape of the city to its advantage. Advertisements can be emblazoned on billboards that are placed throughout the city, floating through the air on blimps and banner planes, or even animating their current location to draw users to click and find out more.

Game Upgrades:
By default, all buildings in the game will have a generic representation of their building or point of interest. Businesses can sign up for the free tier or pay to customize their building or point of interest so that it becomes more prominent in the surrounding area to help encourage more click-throughs and foot traffic. In addition to having an updated look in the game, the business will be able to select from numerous options of how conquering that building or point of interest affects the game. Players may earn more resources or increase their global power substantially, which can make some locations more sought-after than others.

Has the ability to show various reviews pulled from a 3rd party API.

Booking Information:
A simple one-click portal that will connect any existing booking and reservation system to the game.

Rewards & Coupons:
Businesses may also issue special rewards and coupons to players for completing quests and tasks, or for checking in on-site.



Building Las Vegas in Real-time 3D


Actual in-game 3D environment displayed on a computer-generated phone.

Actual in-game 3D environment displayed on a computer-generated phone.

Comparison ANALYSIS


In-Game In-App Purchase: IAP (Recurring Monthly & One Time Purchase)
Players can purchase in-game gold and loot boxes. Gold can be used to help speed up the conquer progress, purchase resources directly, repair buildings, etc. Players will also have the option to purchase a premium subscription, which will provide monthly gold, resources, and an ever-growing catalog of benefits. (.50 ARPDAU)

In-Game Player Advertisements (PPC/PPI)
Players will have the option to watch Unity Advertisements to help speed up or benefit what they are doing. This may reduce the conquer time by watching an ad, increase the number of resources when collecting, or even making a building less susceptible for an amount of time before becoming damaged.

In-Game Business Advertisements (One Time Purchase) PPC Model
Businesses may also pay for advertisements such as digital billboards, specifical effects around their building, flying plane banners, etc. These advertisements aren’t your traditional in-your-face, nagging advertisements but ones that integrate into the ZoomedOut world seamlessly.

Move the orange slider (left and right) to display the different business revenue tiers available in ZoomedOUT.

Examples may not depict the final look and feel. For demonstration purposes only.


The following information constitutes forward-looking financial information and is based on assumptions which management of the Corporation believe to be reasonable as of the date on which these statements are made. This forward-looking financial information is limited to the period from March 2019 to July 2019 and is prepared and presented in accordance with GAAP. This forward-looking financial information is being presented solely for the purpose of presentation and discussion of opportunities that may be available to the Corporation and may not be appropriate for any other purpose. Persons reading or participating in a presentation of this document should also refer to page one and the disclosure regarding forward-looking information generally and in particular the disclosure of risk factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking information presented here. IAP Projections above is based on an industry average ARPDAU ramping to 1M players over a 2 year term. Businesses based on an average accrual of 20 new businesses per month using the avg of the Tiers.30% has already been deducted for apple/google Source

Road MAP

Initial R&D (3/1/19)
Establish tech, tools, and team
Eval various technologies for platform foundation
Website redesigned and Launched

Kickoff (5/1/19) – Funding
Application Flow Diagram (Utility Component)
GDD (Game Component)
Concept Art | Establish Style & Style Guide
Unity Application Wireframe
Mapping SDK Integration

Vertical Slice Complete (9/1/19)
Generate a Portion Beta City Las Vegas Using A Mapping SDK in ZoomedOut’s unique style.
Demonstrate The ZoomedOut Core Gameplay Features:
Clicker Mechanics/Core Mechanics
Accumulation Desire & Loss Aversion
Wilting Factor
Demonstrate The ZoomedOut Core Utility Features:

Alpha (11/1/19) Code Freeze
Alpha ZoomedOut Application Complete And Ready For Initial Testing
ZoomedOUT web portal complete.
Wireframing and core gameplay complete
Bug fixes
Backend complete


Beta (1/1/20) iOS & Android
Bug fixing
Application Improvements
Scalability Tests (other cities)

GMC & Post GMC Updates (3/2/20)
Full-scale release
Full-scale marketing campaign
Ongoing application content updates